Cinnamon is a plant that all parts of the stem or bark can be used as a medicine. Classification of Plants

Kingdom: Plantae

Divisio: Spermathophyta

Sub divisio: Angiospermae

Classis: Dicotyledonae

Ordo: Ranales

Familia: Lauraceae

Genus: Cinnamomum

Species: Cinnamomum burmannii (Ness.) Bl

Sumatra         : holim, sweet holim, cinnamon meih, cinnamon, kanigar, modang siak-siak.
Java               : hunter mentek, ki amis, sweet do not, kanyegar
Nusatenggara: kasingar, kecingar, cingar, onte, kuninggu, puundinga
Foreign          : cinnamon tree, kaneelkassia, yin xiang pi (China)

Description of Plants

Tall cinnamon plant ranges between 5 - 15 m, dark gray-colored tree bark typical, the wood is red-brown. Single leaf, stiff as skin, elongated location, long petiole 0,5 - 1,5 cm, with 3 fruit bones leaf that grow curve. Elliptical shape elongated, 4 - 14 cm long, 1.5 - 6 cm wide, pointed tip, flat edges, slippery top surface green, the surface under the grayish color. Young leaves are pale red. The flowers are floral or flower perfect with yellow. Small size. Flower petals numbered 6 strands in two series. This flower is not titled flowers. The juice thread counts twelve strands arranged in four groups, the four bear's sarong box. Persariann takes place with the help of insects. The fruit of the fruit is one-seeded and fleshy. The shape is rounded elongated. Color of young dark green and old purple fruit. The fruit length is about 1.3 - 1.6 cm, and the diameter is 0.35 - 0.75 cm. The seed length is 0.84 - 1.32 cm and the diameter is 0.59 - .68 cm.

Terms Growing

The height of the cinnamon planting area can affect plant growth and skin quality such as thickness and aroma. Cinnamon can grow at an altitude of up to 2,000 m asl. Cinnamomum burmannii will produce good if planted in area with height 500 - 1,500 m asl. Cinnamon requires equal amount of rain throughout the year, about 2,000 - 2,500 mm / year. Rainfall is too high will result in too low yields. The planting area should be at an average temperature of 25 ° C with a maximum limit of 27 ° C and a minimum of 18 ° C. Desired moisture 70 - 90%, the higher the moisture the better the growth. The sun required plant 40 - 70%. Cinnamon will grow well on sandy loam soil, lots of humus, crumbs, rich in organic matter and well drained. Suitable soil pH 5.0 - 6.5.

Chemical Content

Cinnamon contains essential oils, eugenol, safrole, cinnamaldehyde, tannin, kaqlsium oxalate, resin, tannin. 

Pharmacological Effects and Research Results

Cinnamon has the following pharmacological effects as fart liver (carminative), laxative (diaphoretic), antirheumatic, increase appetite (stomakik), relieve pain (analgesic). Its chemical properties are spicy, slightly sweet, warm and fragrant.

Know the Difference Ceylon Cinnamon with Other Kinds of Cinnamon
Are you searching for one of the herbs that currently have magical properties for health and beauty? If the answer is yes, then Ceylon cinnamon is the herb you are looking for. This unique aromatic spice type is not only delicious when used as a food ingredient, it has been for centuries that this wood proves its benefits as an efficacious herbal remedy to expel the various kinds of diseases. Perhaps you already know a bit more about the benefits of what this growing Asian timber has to offer. The problem is, did you know that cinnamon has various types. Each of course has different properties. This means you must be cautious in buying cinnamon. You can not just say "I want to buy cinnamon." It's possible that the ceylon cinnamon you mean is different from that given by the seller. To minimize this happens, it would be very good if you know the characteristics of ceylon cinnamon. A deep introduction can be done by looking for striking differences from each type of cinnamon.


Physical or form is the easiest part of the main to be used as a mark in distinguishing Ceylon cinnamon with other cinnamon. Although sometimes there are some similarities, the differences certainly exist. Two different names exist because there is something that distinguishes one thing from another. To get you a clear picture of the differences in each type of cinnamon, here's the information you should see:

The most striking physical feature of each type of cinnamon is the color. Ceylon cinnamon has a lighter color than cassia type cinnamon. The bark of the trunk has a gray whiteness, while that is already marketed as Ceylon cinnamon light brown color. If given a choice, of course you will be easier in determining where Ceylon cinnamon. There is no harm in it to ask the merchant to show other cinnamon to get the right kind.

After seeing the color, the texture of cinnamon can be used as another reference to ensure the type of cinnamon that is in front of you. Type of cinnamon Ceylon powder is softer when held. Softness is also shown easily the cinnamon is smoothed. Unlike the type of cassia that requires a special tool if you want to pound it into powder.

If what you observe is the tree directly, you can observe the cinnamon spines. Thorns that are easily destroyed or removed are a sign that the cinnamon is Ceylon. Its duration can be lost even if only by using coffee grinding. There is no need for extra energy or specific tools to destroy the thorns attached to cinnamon.

The fourth thing that also needs to be used as a reference in determining the type of cinnamon is the aroma. You must have understood correctly how the aroma of this spice. The aroma is very tasty and distinctive. From a distance alone, you will certainly recognize this spice from Asia. Did you know that the smell of each cinnamon is different? Type Ceylon is cinnamon with a very soft aroma among other types. If you smell a very strong smell, it is almost certain that the one in your hand is Cassia cinnamon. Cinnamon with Kerinci type has a fragrant and delicious aroma to be inhaled as an aroma therapy.

Aroma may not be enough to distinguish one type from another. Taste is the element that can give a more definite answer. It does not seem too stinging. It's easy to recognize this type of cinnamon. Especially if there are several types that can be tasted. Differences will be felt.

Another thing that also differentiates Ceylon cinnamon with other cinnamon is the skin that can be harvested. The type of Ceylon is cinnamon that originates not only from the bark of the tree. There are other parts such as twigs, branches, and branches that have the same properties as the trunk.

If you have the opportunity to see the cinnamon tree directly, see the leaves can help you in getting to know Ceylon cinnamon and other types. For Ceylon cinnamon, the leaves are very thick. Even the leaves for this one type crowned as the thickest of all types of cinnamon.

How does Ceylon cinnamon differ from other types of usage?

In Indonesia there are various types of cinnamon that you will find and commonly used by the community. Physical differences and the content of each type of cinnamon is certainly also affect the use or benefit for the community. To know the difference, here's the review:

Cinnamon Ceylon
This type of cinnamon is now widely offered in online stores. This is in line with market demand for this type of cinnamon. This cinnamon has the highest oil content compared to other types. Cinnamon Ceylon is a type that has many benefits in the health field. People today consume this wood as an herbal remedy that can cure various diseases either mild to severe such as cholesterol, diabetes, liver, and others. Another benefit that is not less interesting is to menyehatakan skin. This cinnamon can keep the brightness and treat acne. In fact, it can also function in the process of dieting. Very interesting is not it?

Other Cinnamon
This type of cinnamon is more widely used by the community as a spice that supports the taste of cuisine. However, its use has not been too much because of its stinging aroma. Some types of herbs or herbal remedies are also formulated with other cinnamon (not Ceylon) as the main ingredient. However, the benefits provided are not as much as Ceylon cinnamon. Other supporting substances that exist in cinnamon than ceylon, it can damage the liver if consumed continuously by humans. This fact is rather frightening. Therefore, ensuring that you do not choose cinnamon other than ceylon is a must. Cinnamon other than Ceylon has a low water content.

Which Type Of Cinnamon Should Be Selected?
Using selected cinnamon powder, can provide a unique flavor to your recipes. But not everyone knows how to choose the right cinnamon.

Especially if the cinnamon in the form of powder. We will find it difficult to know whether the powdered cinnamon is genuine or not. And if the cinnamon is still a bar, which one we choose, which is smooth clean or stained? Still safe to consume?

Well, you can try to know the good cinnamon with the following simple steps;

1. Know first about cinnamon.

How can we choose correctly if we do not know anything about cinnamon.
The most important thing you know is; The only genuine type of cinnamon is from Ceylon, India. Shaped like a cigar or paper roll and easy to crack and fragile when touched. In terms of ceylon cinnamon flavor is softer and more complex than cassia cinnamon, it often carries the smell of pine, citrus, and flowers.

West Cinnamon is actually a type of cassia. There are several varieties of cinnamon cinnamon, but each is like a wooden roll with harder outer skin.

The following 3 types of cassia / kasia cinnamon are distinguished based on their origin:
- China: has a sweet aroma
- Indonesia: tend to thicken when added water / forming clots. It has a strong spicy flavor.
- Vietnam: has a high oil content, smells very strong but without the taste of spicy.

2. what purposes cinnamon you want.

If you already know what kind of cinnamon flavor you are looking for, it will make it easier in choosing the right cinnamon. Your personal taste preferences will guide you to get the right choice. Think back to whether you prefer cinnamon that is spicy, sweet, or a combination of both. If you plan on adding cinnamon to liquids, choose a type that is easily soluble or creates a soft paste. Indonesian cinnamon tends to clot when put into liquid.

3. Test.

Still 100 percent unsure about the type of cinnamon used ?, buy a little each type of cinnamon, and do the test with your own flavor.

Various Benefits of Cinnamon Ceylon Type
Cinnamon is one of the natural herbs commonly used for food or beverage ingredients. Most people know cinnamon only serves as a seasoning food or drink alone, but cinnamon has a variety of properties that of course we do not know. In addition, cinnamon was not only composed of one type only, there are several kinds of cinnamon species known in the world among other Saigon, Cassia and Ceylon.

Each type of cinnamon has a different texture and color. Type Cassia is usually dark brown dark sediit and has a harder texture, if it is not too sweet. While the type of cinnamon Saigon is actually still close to the type Cassia, has a pretty sweet taste when compared with Casia, but if sold has a more expensive price. For Ceylon cinnamon, perhaps this type of cinnamon is quite sought after by people, Ceylon type has a taste that is sweeter than others, and soft textured, with a color that is younger than other types of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Ceylon type, this time there are many enthusiasts who seek it as a treatment and has a powerful property that not only serves as a spice flavor only. From the form of texture and color more interesting, maybe this is used as the reason why many people who prefer ceylon type cinnamon than other types, although it has properties that are not much different from each other. Many Ceylon cinnamon sales have been packaged as medicines or products that provide various benefits needed by many people. To get cinnamon Ceylon may not be too difficult anymore because with the internet, many sellers Ceylon that use it as a facility of buying and selling through social media such as facebook, fuel, instagram etc. You can easily search by typing keywords and get them from various online Ceylon cinema vendors.

In Indonesia it self may not have too many selling Ceylon cinnamon products, but you do not have to worry because you can get it easily through social media by ordering ceylon cinnamon species sold overseas, such as Malaysia, Singapore, etc. As for various kinds of tremendous properties of Ceylon cinnamon you need to know include:

Treatment of PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
Cinnamon Ceylon was very effective to reduce pain or nausea when the woman before menstruation. Usually most women may feel a lot of stomach pain is very powerful before menstruation, sometimes nausea, and headaches. By consuming cinnamon Ceylon, you can cope with PMS easily, so it will reduce the pain or abdominal pain when it will menstruate and menstruation smooth. You can consume Ceylon cinnamon that is sold in powder form for easy consumption.

Increase stamina
Ceylon cinnamon content was very powerful to provide maximum endurance. You can consume this cinnamon to increase stamina for the body feels fit because tired all day. Keeping the body to always fit is very important for the smooth work and maintain health so as not easy to drop.

Increase the fertility of husband and wife
Maybe for those of you who are married and have not been blessed with baby because there are obstacles in relating husband and wife, you can use this cinnamon to improve fertility.

Lose weight
No doubt again, it turns out Ceylon cinnamon is very powerful to lose weight quickly. For those of you who want a successful diet, you can mix Ceylon cinnamon with honey as a great ingredient natural weight loss. However, you also need to keep the diet to be always controlled and healthy, coupled with regular exercise to get maximum results.

The medicine in youthful
Many women are worried when exploring the age of two or three heads, and this is a very easy way to restore the face of being young, supple and healthy without using chemicals. Consumption of cinnamon is coupled with honey, you can get a brighter face than before, look dazzling and youthful of course.

Cures flu
Influenza is one of the most common diseases we have experienced in a year, and influenza viruses are highly contagious, so you can consume Ceylon cinnamon as a natural remedy that works to cure flu easily and quickly.

Decreasing cholesterol
Cinnamon Ceylon is also a natural remedy for cholesterol-lowering. Many parents still do not control themselves in maintaining the diet, so cholesterol buildup and endanger health. Consuming Ceylon cinnamon can be an easy solution to lower cholesterol easily and naturally.

Eliminate bad breath
The smell of the mouth may make some people uncomfortable, therefore when you feel your mouth smell, immediately consume rich sweet Ceylon as an anti-bad breath, because the content of cinnamon is very powerful to kill germs or heal wounds in the mouth so that Can reduce bad breath easily.

Food flavoring
The main function of cinnamon commonly used from ancient times until now is seasoning food or drink. Cinnamon is already known for a long time as a food seasoning herb, therefore many people use cinnamon as a seasoning food such as curry, soup, cereals etc.

Various kinds of properties of Ceylon cinnamon is very powerful if consumed by humans. Sometimes we do not realize that cinnamon that we know does not have many functions, it provides extraordinary benefits. Consuming cinnamon can make an alternative treatment as well, where this way has been well known since the middle age as a special herb of natural medicine in antiquity. Until now the use of cinnamon to be developed and has been tested to have a variety of very powerful properties.

Various kinds of cinnamon that we know may have the same shape, but the colors and textures are different from each other, for the problem of function and properties are not much different. However, many people have more ceylon cinnamon that is easily available and provides more benefits than others. You can now easily get this kind of cinnamon in a variety of cinnamon vendors spread all over the world. In Indonesia you can buy it, but still a little rare that sells cinnamon Ceylon is because not so many people know.

Side Effects Of Cassia Cinnamon Raw Consumption For The Body
The use of cinnamon in everyday life, especially the people of Indonesia, is no doubt. From health to cuisine, many take advantage of cinnamon. Recently, the use of Cassia type of cinnamon continues to increase, This is triggered from the promotion of cassia cinnamon use as a powerful herbal medicine to cope with various diseases. Unfortunately, the fame of this one herbal medicine is not balanced with the socialization of proper consumption so as not to damage the body. As a remedy, of course there are rules of use or drinking rules that must be understood correctly by any Cassia cinnamon user. Are you one of Cassia's cinnamon consumers? Try to listen to the following explanation for you to be a smart and wise consumer.

What side effects of cassia cinnamon consumption do not fit the rules?

Each drug will certainly cause side effects, especially if consumed inappropriately. For example, cough medicine has side effects of people who drink it so sleepy throughout the day. In fact, not infrequently people experience an overdose or damage to organs due to wrong measure the drug he drank. Well, here are some side effects that may arise due to the use of Cassia cinnamon as an herbal remedy:

Skin disease
The first side effects that many complained by users of cassia cinnamon in excess is a disorder of the skin. There are some people who feel itching or allergies to cassia cinnamon. There is also a rash skin after drinking cassia as a cigarette herbal medicine. If you experience something similar, immediately replace the use of cassia cinnamon, before the skin condition worsens.

Respiratory disorders
During this time you know, smoking is the main cause of respiratory disorders. Apparently, cassia cinnamon can also cause similar problems. There is a special term for this disorder that is dyspnea. This disorder usually arises after excessive use of cassia cinnamon.

Heart Disease
Other effects that may arise due to the use of cassia cinnamon is the occurrence of interference with the heart. Do not let you treat a disease and at the same time invite new disease to your body. Moreover, the heart is the body's vital organs. His health is very important to be maintained. Usually the initial symptoms that can be felt is a heartbeat that is faster than usual.

Sweat Production
In addition to breathing and heart, excessive consumption of cassia cassia can increase the amount of sweat released by the body. Usually, the palms become parts of the body that will sweat the sweat if the dose of cassia cinnamon that goes inappropriately.

Hand Trembling
Not only the sweat that keeps pouring down, the hands and the body become trembling like starving people also become a continued effect of Cassia's excessive cinnamon consumption.

Anyone who will feel the side effects dramatically?

Some of the side effects most complained of by consumers and have been examined the truth has been discussed earlier. The effect can be felt by anyone if the dose is not right. However, there are also side effects that still will arise even if consumed appropriately. These side effects appear in people who have a history of the disease as follows:

Stomach Problems
If you have problems with the stomach, such as inflammation, high gastric acid, or other problems, it is advisable not to eat cassia cinnamon. Even if you apply the appropriate dose to the provisions, bad things will still happen to your body. Moreover, you are taking drugs to overcome the stomach problem, cassia cinnamon will react negatively.

Kidney disorders
If you already know there is a problem with the kidneys, immediately away from cassia cinnamon. This herbal medicine will bring disastrous rather than give a bidder. Kidney conditions that have been impaired, can be more severe that is a kidney failure if you force to try cassia cinnamon properties. So, better if you know your health condition before deciding to choose cassia cinnamon as a medicine.

Blood Clotting Disorders
There are some people who have problems where the blood is hard to freeze when there is a wound. For those of you suffering from this disorder, it is not advisable to eat cassia cinnamon. The reason is that cinnamon has anti-clotting substances. You can certainly imagine if the disturbance of the difficulty of frozen blood combined with cassia cinnamon. When you are injured there will be a lot of blood coming out because it can not be stopped flow.

Mouth Problems
For those of you who have problems in the mouth, such as the occurrence of infection, it is better to avoid first of cassia cinnamon. Content of substances in this herbal medicine can sting and even burn mouth that is experiencing problems.

For cancer patients are not allowed to use Cassia cinnamon either as a medicine or for beauty purposes. There are many substances in Cassia cinnamon that can aggravate the condition of cancer.

Pregnant mother
In addition to people with some of the diseases already mentioned above, there is a ban for pregnant women to consume cassia cinnamon. The hot nature of this cinnamon will harm the fetus and mother.

How to use Cassia cinnamon correctly?

After learning that side effects can arise because of incorrect use, you are curious about the correct procedure or dosage. Well, you need to remember that the consumption of cassia cinnamon will be good and be a medicine if not more than 6 grams per day. If it is touched with a spoon, the best amount is half to one teaspoon in a day. If you think that a lot of consumption will speed healing, that thinking is wrong. In addition to paying attention to the amount, there are other things that must be known. Cassia cinnamon consumption should not be while you are taking anti-septic or anti-biotic. If you are also taking other medications, try to consult a doctor first if they can be taken together with cinnamon. This consultation is necessary because some drugs should not be shared with cassia cinnamon.

Consume too Much Cinnamon Can Be Dangerous to Your Liver
Cinnamon is actually a seasoning flavor that is often used in various foods and beverages. This spice comes from the bark of the tree and becomes the most important spice. Cinnamon known to the public there are two types, namely ceylon and cassia

Consumption of too much cinnamon turns out to be dangerous. The study, published in the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the components present in cinnamon can pose a danger to those with sensitive livers.

Components called coumarins are found in certain types of cinnamon and toxic even in small amounts. Research suggests people do not consume coumarin more than 0.07 mg per kg body weight per day.

In addition to the liver, the lungs are also in danger when the cinnamon powder is to be inhaled. This unintentional uptake can cause choking and injury to the lungs.

Cinnamon ceylon or often said as real cinnamon, is the most expensive cinnamon. So most bread, cereals, and various products in the United States using dried cassia bark or cassia cinnamon.

Though ceylon cinnamon contains a little coumarin. This is the opposite of cassia cinnamon. In powdered form, cassia cinnamon contains 63 times more coumarin than ceylon. In the form of sticks (stick), cassia cinnamon contains 18 times more coumarin than ceylon.

The use of cinnamon in oatmeal or other forms of cereal for several days a week, can make a person easily cross the limit of coumarin consumption. This can certainly harm the health of the consumer liver.

Distinguish Ceylon & Cassia

Selection of the right kind of cinnamon to preventive action, to avoid collecting coumarin in the body. Not difficult to distinguish ceylon and cassia cinnamon.

Cinnamon ceylon has a sweet taste of light brown, while cassia tend to be spicy with reddish to dark brown. The use of ceylon cinnamon is mostly to refine and sweeten flavors, as is the case with desserts.

The cassia cinnamon surface is rougher than ceylon. This is due to the process of the outer cinnamon skin is not peeled. This also causes the cassia dried cinnamon and both ends to roll to the center. This is in contrast to the soft, wet ceylonic cinnamon. So one end rolls up to the other end, just like rolling up the paper.

Almost every country in the europe, using ceylon cinnamon for herbs or herbs. And if we go to Australia, surely we will not be wrong consumption because in Australia is prohibited to give cassia brand as cinnamon. So if the cassia should be clearly written as cassia.

Consumption of Cinnamon Powerful Ways to Lower High Blood Sugar Levels


Diabetes Mellitus or commonly we call diabetes is characterized by increased blood sugar levels in the body. This makes the diabetics, heart pumping outside the normal limit, which can trigger a stroke due to increased blood pressure drastically. Not infrequently also, there are sufferers who had to amputated parts of his body, such as legs; Because the circulation of blood vessels narrows so that infection occurs. If not immediately amputated will spread to other body organs. Terrible is not it? However, for you who have diabetes, do not worry anymore because it turns out many plants around us are able to fight your disease. One of them is Ceylon cinnamon. Yak, this sweet herb is powerful to reduce high blood sugar.

Efficacy of cinnamon Ceylon for Diabetes is not new and has been widely used as a medium of treatment even abroad. Ceylon cinnamon cultivated in Sri Lanka is potent lowering high blood sugar levels for people with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Before moving on to the efficacy of Ceylon cinnamon for Diabetes, we started what Type 2 diabetes. In Type 2 Diabetes, insulin hormone is incapable Work with the maximum and result in increased blood sugar levels. Thus, Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a non-insulin dependent diabetes, in which the body of the patient rejects the effects of insulin or does not even produce enough insulin to maintain normal glucose levels. Currently, there is no drug that can deal with this type 2 Diabetes disease. However, to prevent the worsening of this disease, the patient can prevent it by keeping the body in order to stay fit by adjusting the diet, maintain weight and exercise. In addition, can also consume Ceylon cinnamon if blood sugar levels are already high.

Well, there are several studies showing that Ceylon cinnamon can significantly lower high blood sugar levels by "discouraging" insulin resistance. In fact, there was a study that included participants with type 2 Diabetes. For 40 consecutive days, participants were asked to consume about 1-6 gm of Ceylon cinnamon for 40 days; Which is 1 gr of Ceylon cinnamon is equivalent to half a spoon of cinnamon. From there, the researchers found that Ceylon cinnamon can lower cholesterol participants about 18% and lower blood sugar levels to reach 24%. The role of Ceylon cinnamon efficacy for Type 2 diabetes in this case is to increase glucose metabolism about 20 times that affects the increased circulation of blood sugar, as well as insulin sensitivity. In Ceylon cinnamon there is "Bioflavonoid," which is known as Proantosianidin which is able to alter the activity of insulin in fat cells. From there, we can conclude that people with type 2 Diabetes who can not regulate insulin secretion, can consume Ceylon cinnamon to help "take over" the hormone.

However, for you to know that consuming cinnamon for patients with liver or liver disorders, is not recommended. Because the Ceylon cinnamon contained Kumarin which can thin the blood and that can actually interfere with the performance of the liver. Just in case, before using cinnamon as a medium of treatment, you should check first to the doctor. Whether you are liver disease or not, if it is not detected to have a liver disorder, you do not have to worry about consuming Ceylon cinnamon.

Benefits of cinnamon Ceylon for Diabetes type 2 you can feel by way of processing it together with other ingredients. Want to know how to cultivate Ceylon cinnamon as a natural remedy for lowering blood sugar high? Here's how:

Prepare 2 cups water to boil 4 Ceylon cinnamon sticks. Let the volume of water to the remaining approximately 100cc. Well, the remaining cinnamon boiled water that can help you lower blood sugar levels. If you want more varied again, dip 3 Ceylon cinnamon into fresh tea, for 10 minutes.
Or, you can smoothing 1-6 grams of Ceylon cinnamon by pounding it. Then, boil with 100 cc hot water. Drink while warm.
If you want to include Ceylon cinnamon into your daily intake, you can also mix Ceylon cinnamon powder into cereal or oatmeal.
Cinnamon can also be a sweetener substitute to reduce the use of sugar in your cooking.
To convince you of the efficacy of Ceylon cinnamon for Diabetes, there is more than one study that has proven its efficacy. One of them is done by Malmo University Hospital in Sweden. They gave a bowl of pudding that had been given a teaspoon of more cinnamon cinnamon tea to a group of diabetic volunteers. And the results show, their blood sugar levels dropped after eating it.

There is also a discovery by Dr. Joanna Hlebowicz et al., Which proves Ceylon cinnamon is indeed capable of lowering high blood sugar levels, such as what Dr.Hlebowics and his team do. That is, by measuring the blood sugar level 14 health volunteers, before and after consuming a bowl of rice porridge. Then the volunteers were given food containing cinnamon, then re-tested its sugar content. After testing the blood sugar level, for 2 hours, it was proven that the volunteers' sugar levels decreased after eating foods containing Ceylon cinnamon. According to Dr. Hlebowicz et al., The decrease in sugar levels is caused because Ceylon cinnamon plays a role in slowing the rate of food from the stomach to the intestine. Through ultrasound scans, they found that gastric emptying in the volunteers was slow for some time, after consuming foods containing Ceylon cinnamon. In addition, Dr. Hlebowicz also did a small study on type 2 diabetics, and realized that people with type 2 Diabetes who add Ceylon cinnamon in his food for 40 days; Cholesterol content as well as its sugar content tends to fall sharply.

Still not satisfied? Well, there's another study in Pakistan that really shows the efficacy of Ceylon cinnamon for Diabetes. This study was conducted on 60 Diabetes sufferers and resulted in conclusion; Ceylon cinnamon not only neutralizes blood sugar levels but also can lower cholesterol levels. Where did the results come from? That is by giving the respondents Diabetes sufferers a trigger trigger trigger insulin producer, with notes sugar levels are in the level of 200-300 mg / dl. In the study, the respondents were then divided into 2 groups at random; One group was given a capsule containing cinnamon, while the other group was given a capsule containing flour. Capsule consumption is done every day, for 40 days. Then how the results? Groups consuming cinnamon are confirmed to drop their blood sugar levels by 20 to 30%, along with a decline in average cholesterol levels of 10-20%. While the group who drank the capsule containing flour, did not change at all.

Benefits Of Cinnamon Ceylon For Men
Cinnamon which is one of the kitchen spices that always exist in the kitchen turned out to have tremendous benefits. The most powerful properties possessed by Ceylon cinnamon. Although cinnamon is not widely cultivated in Indonesia, he is still easy to find. Most of this Ceylon cinnamon is obtained directly from Sri Lanka. Ceylon cinnamon consumers have recently increased. This is in line with the belief of the Indonesian people to herbal remedies or natural sources of vitamins. What's more, the use of Ceylon cinnamon for health has been around for centuries. Well, in this discussion will focus on the efficacy of cinnamon Ceylon for men.


Cinnamon Ceylon is a kind of 'prestigious' spice that should not only be close to women but also men. Why is that? The reason is very simple that Ceylon cinnamon is not only useful for cooking ingredients. This spice can provide benefits, for men, that you may not have thought before. Still do not believe it? These are reviews that will convince you and add to the understanding of Ceylon cinnamon:

Improving Sperm Quality
This first benefit will be very suitable for husbands who are in the program to have offspring. To get a child, surely not only the women who have an important role. Rarely difficult problem of getting offspring is caused by the men. The quality of sperm or production that is not maximal is the main factor of the problem. Ceylon cinnamon has been studied to be one of the herbs that can affect the quality of a person's produced sperm. Substances that exist in this spice can help the production of sperm that can fertilize the egg well. This is very encouraging news for those who have difficulty in getting the baby. The regular consumption of Ceylon cinnamon over time can improve fertility and sperm. Provided that consumed is Ceylon cinnamon is not the other type, not aka tone of side effects caused.

Maintaining Brain Health
Men have several different characters with women. Men tend to be more calm about the surprising things. They are quicker and quicker to prioritize logic rather than feeling when faced with a particular situation. Well, Ceylon cinnamon is tested to be a source of nutrients for brain performance and also the response to a matter remains good. This is perfect for men who want to remain responsive despite being aging. Ceylon cinnamon is also great for consumption by busy men with a variety of business activities. This is because Ceylon cinnamon has a content that according to research can improve memory. Another efficacy is to reduce nervous tension of the brain.

Reduce Bloating
The problem that is also often complained by the men in Indonesia is the condition of the stomach continues to bulge. Body is healthy but fat as if only accumulate in the abdomen only. This is often a bitch. Exercise on the stomach still felt less effective. Now you can be a little relieved that Ceylon cinnamon is ready to help you. This spice has a variety of substances that will destroy the fat that gathered in your stomach. The abandoned fat of course evil fat is not good for the health of the body. What's more, cholesterol can also be controlled by Ceylon cinnamon. Very interesting not to immediately consumed?

Does Ceylon cinnamon efficacy remain optimal if taken in pill form?

Some people wonder whether the ceylon cinnamon benefits that have been processed in the form of extracts or pills are the same as those still in the form of bark and powder. The answer is yes. Whether powder or that is still skin and even Ceylon cinnamon pills can provide the same benefits for men's health. The problem is the brand of the pills you consume. Not all pills really choose Ceylon cinnamon in good quality. There are irresponsible parties who try to mix other materials to make production costs cheaper. Unlike the cinnamon Ceylon is still in its early form. You can choose and see which quality Ceylon cinnamon. Optimal benefits of course can only be obtained from Ceylon cinnamon with optimal quality as well.

All About Growing Ceylon Cinnamon
Cinnamon, especially the spice owner of the scientific name Cinnamomum Zeylanicum originally from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is therefore often called cinnamon Ceylon. In place of origin, cinnamon Ceylon used as a medium of treatment since hundreds of ago. Sri Lankan cinnamon has many benefits for health. By the way, Ceylon cinnamon is also present in Indonesia, although it can not grow as well in its home country. Cinnamon Ceylon imported to the island of Java in 1825 to be bred and prospected to be a commodity. Until finally, cinnamon became an important commodity in Indonesia. However, because the production of Zeylanicum is not very good, the type of cinnamon grown is replaced; Adjusted to the contours of land and weather in Indonesia. Cassiavera is the successor, which makes Indonesia the largest cigarette exporter in the world, which is 26% of world exports.

However, again the sweetness of the export value of cinnamon can not always be tasted by farmers. Because constrained way of cultivation that is not according to procedure, weakness in capital or limited availability of cinnamon seeds. In addition, Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka is more desirable because of its "high-end" quality, beyond other cinnamon-exporting countries.

With proper maintenance Ceylon cinnamon can grow well with good quality, although it grows on Indonesian soil. Good and proper maintenance, is instrumental to produce quality cinnamon products. How to grow cinnamon Ceylon should be more carefully and thoroughly. Plant the Ceylonnya cinnamon seeds with a gap of 3 to 4 meters, so only about 4-5 years you will find your plantation land a cinnamon forest. Not only looks like a forest, your Ceylon cinnamon plant grows optimally with a straight stalk and has lots of branches, and good quality wood leather.

For more details on how to grow Ceylon cinnamon, you can listen to some of the following stages:

Setting up the land
The land to be used should be free of shrubs and weeds. Splash the ground by hoeing it twice, then leveled again. If you want to plant the Ceylon cinnamon with an intercropping system, then the distance of each planting hole is 3-4 meters. But if you want to apply the monoculture system, you can shorten the distance.

Preparing the seeds
Ceylon cinnamon seeds that will be planted can be derived from seeds nursery results 8-12 months old; Or seeds from buds whose roots have grown, at least the high cinnamon buds must reach 50-60 cm. Because, if too high shoots will not stand exposed to wind exposure. Well, when will plant, wrap the roots with soil. Choose seeds from shoots that have been at least 6 months old and leaves are in the old state.

You can also prepare Ceylon cinnamon seeds from the cuttings. Ceylon cinnamon seedlings originally from cuttings should be healthy and have good growth. Plant the seeds that have a height of about 50-60 cm.

How to grow Ceylon cinnamon can be done with two systems, as we mentioned above, the monoculture system and intercropping system. What is monoculture? Is planting a field with one type of plant no more, and using a spacing of 1.5 m x 1.5 m. Then, what is an intercropping system? Is a planting land planted with several kinds of plants. Generally, the type of plant used for intercropping is palawija, cengekeh or coffee. In the application of intercropping system, the distance between plants about 3 to 4 meters, there are even 5 meters.

When planting, please note the planting hole that you created, have been given manure as much as one kilogram in each hole? If you use Ceylon cinnamon seeds grown in polybags from seedbeds, be careful when tearing the plastic. Do not let the roots come interested. Remember also, try the root of the cinnamon root is not buried in the soil.

The rainy season is a perfect time to plant Ceylon cinnamon seeds. Why? This is because after a few months of planting, cinnamon seedlings need enough water to survive and grow.

Well, how to grow cinnamon Ceylon already, then stay doing maintenance. As discussed earlier, maintenance has a major role in producing optimal production. For that reason, this is the good and proper cultivation of Ceylon cinnamon:

Not all Ceylon planted cinnamon seeds will grow well. Because the seeds are not very good growth or die, should be replaced with new seeds. Well, that's what we call embroidery. Embroidering is done after the seedlings have been planted for 3 months, but better done during the rainy season.

Like other plants, Ceylon cinnamon takes nutrient plants. Besides obtained from the soil, nutrients can be met from fertilizer. Type of fertilizer is recommended to use a single fertilizer such as Urea, KCI or TSP or compound fertilizer such as NPK.

If you use a single fertilizer, mix the fertilizer evenly with a ratio of Urea: KCI: TSP of 2: 1: 1. Ceylon cinnamon fertilization will be much better if given after planting for 3-4 months, with frequency 2x a year; At the beginning and end of the year in the rainy season so that fertilizer quickly dissolve in the soil. Thus, fertilizer can be easily absorbed by the roots. When using a single mixture of fertilizer, you can give the initial fertilization in plants that age planted about 3-4 months, with a dose of 150 gr / tree. It should be noted, if the increasing age of the plant, the dose of fertilizer also increases. For plants that are about 3 years old, fertilizer is required as much as 1 kg for each tree.

For the use of NPK compound fertilizer, the dose is also adjusted to the age of the plant. Initial fertilization can start at the age of the plant about 6 weeks after planting.

In a field, not only seedling plants grow but also pests such as weeds. In order not to disrupt the growth of Ceylon cinnamon seeds, clean the weeds every month in the early days after planting. After the age of planting approaching 2-4 years, weeding done enough 3 months. And after more than 4 years, weed the weed once every 4-6 months.

While weeding, you can also loosen the soil for nutrient uptake by increasing roots. fertilize soil and give fertilizer.

What is thinning? Thinning one of the maintenance techniques Ceylon cinnamon plant so as not easily affected by the disease, not hampered growth as well so that the quality of cinnamon does not decrease. Thinning is done 2 times; When the plants are 6 years old and 10 years old. This maintenance technique is done by cutting the plant at an altitude of 25 to 30 cm from the soil surface. Stumps of felling, then dumped soil to grow into new shoots that can later be used as seeds.